Neff Hall (NEFF) at Mizzou

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11105 Carrie Francke Drive (Old Alumni Center)
21110 S College Ave - Main Building
3401 E Stewart Road
4401 East Stewart
5A.P Green Chapel (GREEN)
6A.P. Greene Building
8Academic Support Center (ASC)
9Agricultural Engineering (AG ENG, AE LB, AG EN)
10Agriculture Laboratory (AG LB)
11Agriculture Science Building
12Allen Auditorium
13Allton Building
14Alpha Chi Omega
15Alpha Delta Pi
16Alpha Epsilon Pi
17Alpha Gamma Rho
18Alpha Gamma Sigma
19Alpha Phi
20Alpha Tau Omega
21Alpine Tower
22Anheuser-Busch Natural Resource Building (ABNR, CNSRV AUD)
23Animal Science Research Center (ASRC)
24Arts and Science Building (A&S, ALLEN AUD)
25Arts and Science Mall
26Assessment Resource Center (ARC)
27Bald Eagle Aviary
28Beta Sigma Psi
29Beta Theta Pi
30Bingham Commons (Dining Hall) (BINGHM)
31Black Culture Center
32Bond Life Sciences Center (LFSCI)
33Brady Commons
34Brewer Fieldhouse (BREWR)
35Brookfield, Dutton Sports Med Center
36Buck's Ice Cream Place
37Campus Mail Facility (Ground Floor)
38Center Hall (CENTER)
39Chemistry Building (CHEM)
40Chemistry Teaching Addition (CTA)
41Chi Omega
42Clark Hall (CLARK)
43Clinical Support and Education Building
44Clydesdale Hall (CLYD)
45College Avenue Hall
47Conley Avenue Parking Structure
48Conley House
49Connaway Hall (CONWY)
50Cornell Hall (CORNL)
51Corner Playhouse (FAA)
52Crowder Hall (CRWDR)
53Curtis Hall (CURTS)
54Dalton Research Center
55Daniel Devine Pavillion
56Defoe-Graham Residence Hall
57Delta Delta Delta
58Delta Gamma
59Delta Sigma Phi
60Delta Tau Delta
61Delta Upsilon
62Digiprint Centers (see Ellis Library)
63Discovery Residence Hall
64Dobbs Pavillion (Dining Hall)
65Dogwood Residence Hall
66Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute (DWRJI)
67Eckles Hall (ECKLES)
68Ellis Fischel Cancer Center
69Ellis Library and Auditorium (ELLIS)
70Engineering East
71Engineering West (ENGRW, EB-W)
72Epple Field
73Evans Scholars
74Excellence Residence Hall
76Fine Arts - Music and Drama (FABM, FAB-M, FAB-T)
77Fine Arts Annex (FAA)
78Fine Arts Building - Art (FABA, FAB-A)
79Fire Station and Training
80Francis Quadrangle
81Galena Residence Hall
82Gamma Phi Beta
83Gannett Hall (GANNT, FSHR AUD)
84General Services Building (GSB)
85Gentry Hall (GNTRY)
86Geological Sciences (GEOSCI)
87Gillett Residence Hall (GILLT)
88Glen L. McElroy M.D. Sports Med Center
89Golf Course
90Gustin Clubhouse
91Gwynn Hall
92Gymnastics and Dance Practice Facility
93Hatch Residence Hall (HATCH)
94Hawthorn Residence Hall
95Health Sciences Library, J. Otto Lottes
97Heinkel Building (HEINKL)
98Hill Hall (HILL)
99Hillel Building
101Hitt Street Market
102Hitt Street Parking Structure
103Honors College
104Hospital and Clinics and Parking
105Hudson Residence Hall
106Hulston Hall (HLSTN)
107Jesse Hall (JESSE)
108Johnston and Eva J's
109Jones Residence Hall
110Journalism Institute
111Kappa Alpha Order
112Kappa Alpha Theta
113Kappa Delta
114Kappa Kappa Gamma
115Kappa Sigma
116Keene Medical Building
117Keller Auditorium
118Kuhlman Court (Brady Park)
119Lafferre Hall (EBE) (LAF, LAFFR, KETCHM)
120Lambda Chi Alpha
121Lathrop Residence Hall
122Laws Residence Hall
123Lee Hills Hall (LEE-H,LEE HL)
124Lefevre Hall (LFVRE)
125Lemone Industrial Park
126Lewis Hall (LEWIS)
127Lewis Library
128Life Science Business Incubator
129Livestock Center
130Lloyd L. Gaines-Marion O'Fallon Oldham
131Locust Street Building (LSB)
132Loeb Hall (LOEB)
133London Hall (LONDN)
134Lowry Hall (LOWRY)
135Lowry Mall
136Manor House
137Mark Twain and Dining Hall (TWAIN)
138Marx (Melvin H.) Building (MARX)
139Mathematical Sciences Building (MATH)
140McAlester Annex (MCAL)
141McAlester Hall (MCALST)
142McAlester Park
143McDavid Residence Hall (MCDAVD)
144McHaney (MCHAN)
145McKee Gymnasium (MCKEE)
146McReynolds Hall (MCREY)
147Medical Science Addition (MSA)
148Medical Science Building
149Mel Carnahan Quadrangle
150Memorial Stadium
151Memorial Student Union (UNION)
152Middlebush Hall (MDLBSH, MDLBH, WALTJ)
153Missouri Psychiatric Center
154Mizzou Athletic Training Center
155Mizzou North
156Mizzou Sports Arena
158MU Student Center
159Mule Barn
160Mumford Hall (MUMFRD,MMFRD)
161Museum of Anthropology
162Museum of Art and Archaeology
163Museum Support Center (MSC)
164Neff Hall (NEFF)
165Neff Hall Addition (NEFF-A)
166North Hall
167Noyes Hall (NOYES)
168Old Student Health Center (OSHC,ST HL)
169Parker Hall (PARKER,PARKE,PARK)
170Parking Structure
171Parking, Visitor Metered
172Patient Care Tower
173Peace Park
174Pershing (Hitt Street Market)
175Phi Delta Theta
176Phi Gamma Delta
177Phi Kappa Psi
178Phi Kappa Theta
179Phi Mu
180Physicians Medical Building
181Physics Building (PHYS)
182Pi Beta Phi
183Pi Kappa Alpha
184Pi Kappa Phi
185Pickard Hall (PICKARD,PCKRD)
186Plaza 900 Dining Facility
187Poultry Nutrition Lab
188Printing Services
189Professional Building (PROF,PRF B)
190Psychology Building (PSYCH,A P R)
191Quarterdeck Building
192Raptor Rehabilitation
193Read Hall (READ)
194Records Management
195Red Cross Blood Center
196Research Park Botany Greenhouse (RPBG)
197Research Park Development (RESPRK)
198Residence on Francis Quadrangle
199Respect Residence Hall (RESPC)
200Responibility Residence Hall (RESPN)
201Reynolds Alumni Center
202Rhynsburger Theatre
203Rock Quarry Center
204Rock Quarry Warehouse
205Rollins (Dining Hall)
206Ronald McDonald House
207Rothwell Gymnasium
208Rusk Rehabilitation Center
209Sanborn Field
210Schlundt Annex (SCH A)
211Schlundt Hall (SCHLDT,SCHLT)
212Schurz Residence Hall
213Schweitzer Hall (SCHWTZ,SCHW)
214Sears Plant Growth Facility (SEARS)
215Shelden Academic Resource Center
216Sigma Chi
217Sigma Kappa
218Sigma Nu
219Sigma Phi Epsilon
220Sigma Pi
221Sigma Sigma Sigma
222Sigma Tau Gamma
223Simmons Field
224Sinclair Nursing School (NURSE)
225Soccer Field
226Softball Field
227South Hall
230Stanley Hall
231State Historical Society of Missouri
232Stephens Hall (STEPH)
233Stewart Hall (STWRT)
234Strickland Hall (GCB) (STRICK)
235Student Recreation Center (ST REC)
236Student Success Center (SSC)
237Swallow Hall (SWALLW,SWALW)
239Tara Apartments - 1
240Tara Apartments - 10
241Tara Apartments - 11
242Tara Apartments - 12
243Tara Apartments - 13
244Tara Apartments - 14
245Tara Apartments - 15
246Tara Apartments - 16
247Tara Apartments - 2
248Tara Apartments - 3
249Tara Apartments - 4
250Tara Apartments - 5
251Tara Apartments - 6
252Tara Apartments - 7
253Tara Apartments - 8
254Tara Apartments - 9
255Tara Apartments Office (TARA)
256Tate Hall
257Tau Kappa Epsilon
258Tennis Building
259The Mizzou Store Bookstore
260Tiger Avenue Parking Structure (MAG)
261Tiger Diggs
262Townsend Hall (TOWN)
263Track and Field
264Trowbridge Livestock Center (TROWBR)
265Tucker Hall (TUCKER)
266Turner Avenue Parking Structure
267UM Libraries Depository
268University Avenue Parking Structure
269University Garage
270University Hall
271University Heights
272University Heights Apartments
273University Place
274University Press
275University Village
276Varsity Soccer Field
277Veterans Administration Hospital, Harry S. Truman Memorial
278Veterinary Medical Building
279Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Lab (VTDLB,VET D)
280Veterinary Medicine East (VETME)
281Veterinary Medicine West (VETMW)
282Veterinary Science Building
283Virginia Avenue Parking Structure
284Visitor Relations
285Walter Williams Hall (WALTWM, W WMS)
286Waters Hall (WATERS, WATRS)
287White Campus Greenhouses
288Whitmore Recital Hall
289Whitten Hall (WHITTN, WHITN)
290William C. Stringer Wing (WM STR)
291Wolpers Residence Hall
292Women's and Children's Hospital
293Woodrail Centre - Benefits Office
294Zeta Tau Alpha

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