Hammond Building (HM) at USI

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2Applied Engineering Center (AE)
3Art Studio (AS)
4Baker Building (BK)
5Bayh Building (BY)
6Bent Twig Outdoor Education Center (BT)
7Bigger Building (BG)
8Bokelman #3
9Boon Building (BN)
10Bowen Building (BW)
11Branch Building (BC)
12Branigin Building (BR)
13Breckinridge Cabin
14Business and Engineering Center (BE)
15Byron C. Wright Administration Building (WA)
16Carter Hall
17Ceramics Center (CC)
18Chase Building (CS)
19Children's Learning Center (CN)
20Copy Center
21Craig Building (CR)
22David L. Rice Library (RL)
23Dunning Building (DN)
24Durbin Building (DR)
25Education Center (ED)
26Eicher Barn
27Fair Residence Life Center (RES)
28Forum Lecture Halls (1,2 and 3)
29Forum Wing (FA)
30Gates Building (GS)
31Goodrich Building (GO)
32Governors Hall (GV)
33Gray Building (GR)
34Grimes Haus
35Grounds Center (GC)
36Hammond Building (HM)
37Hanly Building (HN)
38Health Professions Center (HP)
39Hendricks Building (HS)
40Hendricks Building (HS)
41Herb Garden
42Hovey Building (HV)
43IU School of Medicine - Evansville
44Jackson Building (JC)
45Jennings Building (JN)
46Kleymeyer Hall
47Lane Building (LN)
48Leslie Building (LS)
49Liberal Arts Center (LA)
50Mallette Studio Theatre
51Marshall Building (MR)
52Matthews Building (MA)
53McCray Building (MC)
54McCutchan Art Center
55McNutt Building (NT)
56Mitchell Auditorium
57Morton Building (MN)
58Mount Building (MO)
59Newman Hall (NE)
60Noble Building (NO)
61O'Bannon Hall (OB)
62Orr Building (OR)
63Photography and Multimedia
64Physical Activites Center (PAC)
65Physical Plant Service Center (PP)
66Porter Building (PR)
67Publishing Services Center (PUB)
68Ralston Building (RL)
69Ray Building (RY)
70Recreation, Fitness, and Wellness Center (FC)
71Residence Life Community Center (RC)
72Residence Life Service Center (RS)
74Robert D. Orr Center (OC)
75Ruston Hall (RS)
76Saletta Building (SA)
77Schricker Building (SR)
78Security Building - including Parking Department (SB)
79Support Services Center (SS)
80Teaching Theatre (TT)
81Technology Center (TC)
83Townsend Building (TO)
84University Center East (UC)
85University Center West (UC)
86USI Foundation (FO)
87Wallace Building (WA)
88Welsh Building (WE)
89Westwood Lodge
90Whitcomb Building (WH)
91Willard Building (WI)
92Williams Building (WL)
93Wright Building (WR)

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