Paradise Campus - Building 500 (PAR - 500) at UNLV

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1Academic Success Center - Claude I. Howard Building (ASC)
2Accelerator Lab Building (ALB)
3Alta Ham Fine Arts (HFA)
4Archie C. Grant Hall (GRA)
5Artemus W. Ham Concert Hall (HCH)
6Bennett Professional Development Center (BDC)
7Campus Services Building (CSB)
8Carol C. Harter Classroom Building Complex (CBC)
9Catholic Newman Center (CNC)
10Central Desert Complex (CDC)
11Chemistry Building (CHE)
12Claude I. Howard Public Safety (PSB)
13Claudine Williams Residence Hall
14Cottage Grove Parking Garage (PKG1)
15Cox Pavilion (COX)
16Dayton Complex (DAY)
17Earl E. Wilson Baseball Stadium (WBS)
18Eller Media Softball Stadium (EMS)
19Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
20Eugene R. Warner Residential Life Building (WRL)
21Facilities Management Administration (FMA)
22Flora Dungan Humanities (FDH)
23Foundations Building (FND)
24Frank and Estella Beam Hall (BEH)
25Frank and Vicki Fertitta Tennis Complex (FTC)
26Graduate Arts Studios (GRS)
27Greenspun Hall (GUA)
28Gym Road South Resident Services Building (RHW)
29Hazel M. Wilson Dining Commons (DIN)
30Herman Westfall Building (HWB)
31High Bay Lab (HBL)
32Holbert H. Hendrix Education Auditorium (HEA)
33Houssels House (HOU)
34James E. Rogers Center for Administration & Justice (RAJ)
35John D. Jackie Gaughan Boys and Girls Club (BGC)
36John S. Wright Hall (WRI)
37Juanita Greer White Life Sciences (WHI)
38Judy Bayley Theatre (JBT)
39Kitty Rodman Residence Hall
40LDS Institute of Religion Student Center (LDS)
41Lee and Thomas Beam Music Center (BMC)
42Lied Athletic Complex (LAC)
43Lied Library (LLB)
44Lilly Fong Geoscience (LFG)
45Lynn Bennett Early Childhood Education Center (LBC)
46Marjorie Barrick Museum / Harry Reid Center (MSM - HRC)
47Mendenhall Center (MDC)
48Operations and Maintenance (O&M)
49Paradise Campus - Building 100 (PAR - 100)
50Paradise Campus - Building 100A (PAR - 100A)
51Paradise Campus - Building 200 (PAR - 200)
52Paradise Campus - Building 300 (PAR - 300)
53Paradise Campus - Building 400 (PAR - 400)
54Paradise Campus - Building 500 (PAR - 500)
55Paradise Campus - Building 600 (PAR - 600)
56Paradise Elementary School (PES)
57Paul B. Sogg Architecture Building (ARC)
58Paul McDermott Physical Education Complex (MPE)
59Police Headquarters (PHQ)
60Publications, Reprographics, Copy Center (PRO)
61Radiation Protection Laboratory (RPL)
62Rebel Recycling Center (RRC)
63Research Administration Building (RAB)
64Richard Tam Alumni Center (TAC)
65Robert L. Bigelow Physics (BPB)
66Robert Miller Soccer Building (MSB)
67Rod Lee Bigelow Health Sciences (BHS)
68Sam Boyd Stadium (SBS)
69Science and Engineering Building (SEB)
70Science Teaching Labs (STL)
71Shadow Lane Advanced Dental Education (SLC-D)
72Shadow Lane Biotech Research (SLC-B)
73Shadow Lane Campus Services (SLC-C)
74Shadow Lane Dental School (SLC-A)
75Sidewalk Cafe (SWC)
76South Residential Complex (SOU)
77Stan Fulton Building - International Gaming Institute (SFB)
78Student Affairs Maintenance (SAM)
79Student Recreation and Wellness Center (RWC)
80Student Services Complex (SSC)
81Student Union (SU)
82System Computing Services (SCS)
83Technology Building (TEC)
84Thomas & Mack Center (TMC)
85Thomas & Mack Moot Court (MCB)
86Thomas & Mack Warehouse (TMW)
87Thomas T. Beam Engineering Complex (TBE)
88Thunder Warehouse (TWH)
89Tonopah Residence Complex (TON)
90Tropicana Parking Garage (PKG2)
91UCC Residential Complex (UCC)
92University Hall (UNH)
93University Systems Building (USB)
94UNLV Bookstore (BKS)
95UNLV Transit Center (UTC)
96William D. Carlson Education (CEB)
97William D. Taylor Hall (TAY)
98William S. Boyd Residence Hall
99William S. Boyd School of Law (BSL)

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