Guthrie Annexes 2 (GA2) at UW

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12104 House (RUS)
24328 Brooklyn Ave NE (Building A)
38 at McMahon Restaurants, McMahon
5Aerodynamics Lab (ADL)
6Aeronautics and Astronautics
7Aerospace and Engineering Research Building (AER)
8Aerospace Studies/Air ROTC
9Alder Commons
10Alder Hall (ALD)
11Allen Center for the Visual Arts Henry Gallery Art Gallery
12Allen Library (ALB)
13Alumni Commons
14American Ethnic Studies
15American Indian Studies
16Anderson Hall (AND)
18Applied Physics Laboratory
20Architecture Hall (ARC)
21Art Library
22Arts Ticket Office Poplar Hall
23Asian Languages and Literature
24Associated Students (ASUW)
25Astronomy, Physics-Astronomy Building
26Astronomy-Physics Library
27Atmospheric Sciences-Geophysics Building (ATG)
28Attorney General's Division
29Bagley Hall (BAG)
30Bank of America Executive Education Center (EXEC)
31Baseball Field Grandstand (BSG)
32Bay Laurel, University Catering
33Benefits Office, UW Tower
34Benjamin D. Hall Interdisciplinary Research Building (RTB)
35Benson Hall (BNS)
37Bioengineering (BIOE)
38Blakeley Village (VLV)
39Bloedel Hall (BLD)
40Board of Regents
41Book Store
43Botany Greenhouse and Annex (BGH)
44Branch, HUB
45Branch, South Campus Center
46Brechemin Auditorium
47Brooklyn Trail Building
48Bryants Building (BRY)
49Built Environments
50Burke Museum Cafe
51Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture (BMM)
52By George Restaurants
53Cafe 815 Restaurant
55Canoe House (CNH)
56Capital Projects Office
57Career Center / Student Employment
58Cedar Apartments (WCH1) West
59Cedar Apartments (WCH2) East
60CENPA Instrument Shop
61Center for Commercialization C4C (was Tech Transfer)
62Center for Instructional Devt. & Research (CIDR) Gerberding
63Center for Quantitative Science
64Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology
65Center for Urban Horticulture (CUH)
66Center on Human Development and Disability (CHDD)
67Center on Human Development and Disability Clinic
68Central Plaza Garage (CPG)
69Ceramic & Metal Arts Building (CMA)
70Chemical Engineering
72Chemistry Building (CHB)
73Chemistry Library Building (library closed) (CHL)
74Child Care Center (CCC)
75Civil and Environmental Engineering
76Clark Hall (CLK)
77Classics, Denny
78Classroom Support Services
79Climate Impacts Group
80Climbing Rock
81College of Arts and Sciences
82College of Education
83College of Engineering
84College of Environment
86Commodore-Duchess Apartments (CDA)
87Communications B042
88Community Design Center (SGS) 3947 University Way NE
89Commuter Services
90Comparative Literature
91Computer Science and Engineering
92Condon Hall (CDH)
93Conference Services
94Conibear Shellhouse (CSH)
95Construction Management
96Continuing Education
97Controller Office
98Counseling Center
99Court Cafe
100Creative Communications
101Cultivate Restaurant
102Cunningham Hall (ICH)
103Customer Services
104Dance Program
105Dawg Bites
106Dempsey Hall (BHQ)
107Dempsey Indoor Center (IPF)
108Denny Hall (DEN)
109Department of Applied Mathematics
110Department of Biology
111Department of Statistics
112Digital Media (MCDM)
113Disability Services Office
114District Market
115Douglas Research Conservatory (DRC)
117Drama Library
118Drama Scene Shop
119Drumheller Fountain
120DXArts / Center for Digital and Experimental Media
121Eagleson Hall (EGL)
122Earth & Space Sciences
123East Asia Library
124East Asia Resource Center
125Economic Policy Research Institute
127Edmundson Pavilion (EDP)
128Education Assessment/Testing Center
129Education Outreach
130Electrical Engineering Building (EEB)
131Eleven 01 Restaurants / 2Convenient Market
132Elm Hall
134Engineering Annex (EGA)
135Engineering Library Building (ELB)
136English, Padelford
137Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences
138Environmental Health and Safety
139Environmental Safety Office Building (ESO)
140Ethnic Cultural Center (ECC)
141Ethnic Cultural Theater/Instructional Center (ICT)
142Evans School of Public Affairs
143F2 Administration / Strategy Management
144Facility Services Administration Building (FSAB) Physical Plant Office (PPO)
145Fisheries Teaching and Research Center (FTR)
146Fishery Science Building (FSH)
147Flag Pole (World War II Memorial)
148Fleet Services
149Floyd and Delores Jones Playhouse (PHT)
150Fluke Hall (FLK)
151Foege William H., Genome (GNOM), Bioengineering (BIOE)
152Food Services / Retail / Housing and Food Services
153Foster Business Library, Paccar, 1st Floor
154Genetics, Magnuson Health Sciences Center - Wings J & RR
155Genome Sciences (GNOM)
156Geographics Information Systems Lab (GIS)
157Geological Sciences
159George Washington Statue
160Gerberding Hall (GRB)
161Germanics, Denny
162Global Health
163Golf Driving Range (GDR)
164Gould Hall (GLD)
165Gowen Hall (GWN)
166Graduate School Office
167Graves Hall (TGB)
168Guggenheim Hall (GUG) and Guggenheim Annex (GUA)
169Guthrie Annexes
170Guthrie Annexes 1 (GA1)
171Guthrie Annexes 2 (GA2)
172Guthrie Annexes 3 (GA3)
173Guthrie Annexes 4 (GA4)
174Guthrie Hall (GTH)
175Haggett Hall (HGT)
176Hall Health Primary Center (HLL)
177Hansee Hall (HNS)
178Harris Hydraulics Laboratory (HHL)
179Health Sciences Building
180Henderson Hall (HND)
181Henry Art Gallery (HAG)
183Hitchcock Hall (HCK)
184Hospital (UWMC)
185Hughes Penthouse Theatre (HPT)
186Husky Outdoor Track
187Husky Stadium (STD)
188Husky Ticket Office
189Husky Union Building (HUB)
190Hutchinson Hall (HUT)
191I-Wing / Rotunda /T-Wing / Lobby
192Industrial & Systems Engineering
193Information & Visitors Center
194Information School (iSchool)
195Innovate Washington
196Institute for Marine Studies, Marine Studies
197Instructional Center / Theater (ICT)
198Intercollegiate Athletics
199International Student Services (ISS)
200International Studies (Henry M. Jackson School)
201Intramural Activities Building (IMA)
202Isaacson Hall (ISA)
203Jacob Lawrence Gallery
204Joe Haus Espresso
205John M. Wallace (ACC)
206Johnson Hall (JHN)
207Joint Inst. for Atmosphere & Oceans (JISAO)
208Jones (Floyd and Delores) Playhouse Theater (PHT)
209Kane Hall (KNE)
210Kincaid Hall (KIN)
212KUOW Radio
213Lander-Terry Halls (LTH)
214Landscape Architecture
215Language Learning Center
216Laurel Village
217Law Library
218Lewis Annexes 1 and 2
219Lewis Hall (LEW)
221Loew Hall (LOW)
222Lost and Found HUB
223Mackenzie 130
224Mackenzie Hall (MKZ)
225Magnuson Health Sciences Building
226Marine Biology
227Marine Sciences Building (MSB)
228Marine Studies Building (MAR)
229Mary Gates Hall (MGH)
230Mary Gates Hall Espresso
231Materials Science and Engineering
233Mathematics Research Library
234McCarty Hall (MCC)
235McMahon Hall (MCM) and Garage (MPG)
236Meany Hall (MNY)
237Mechanical Engineering Building (MEB)
238Medal of Honor Memorial
239MEDEX NW/Physicians Asst. Prog
240Medicinal Herb Garden
241Mercer Hall (MCR)
242Merrill Hall (MER)
244Military Science
245Miller Elisabeth C. Hort Library
246Miller Hall (MLR)
247Minority Affairs
248Molecular Biotechnology/Genome Sciences
249Molecular Science & Engineering (MOL)
250More Hall (MOR)
251Motor Pool
252Mueller Hall (MUE)
254Music Library
255Naval Sciences ROTC
256Near Eastern Languages and Civilization
257New Ventures
258Nordheim Court
259Nordstrom Tennis Center (NTC)
260North Physics Laboratory (NPL)
261NW Horticultural Society Hall (NHS)
262Ocean Sciences Building (OCN)
263Ocean Teaching Building (OTB)
264Oceanography Building (OCE)
265Odegaard Undergraduate Library
266Odegaard Undergraduate Library and Media Center (OUG)
267Office of Research
269Outdoor Practice Facility
270Overpass Espresso
271Paccar Hall (PCAR)
272Padelford Hall (PDL)
273Padelford Parking Garage (PPG)
274Pagliacci Pizza
275Parking Services/Commuter Services
276Parrington Hall (PAR)
277Paul G. Allen Center for Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)
279Physical Plant Office Building (PPO)
280Physics / Astronomy Auditorium (PAA)
281Physics / Astronomy Building (PAB)
282Physics / Astronomy Reading Room
283Plant Laboratory (PLT)
284Plant Operations Annex 7 (PO7)
285Plant Operations Annexes
286Plant Operations Annexes 1
287Plant Operations Annexes 2
288Plant Operations Annexes 3
289Plant Operations Annexes 4
290Plant Operations Annexes 5
291Plant Operations Annexes 6
292Plant Operations Building (POB)
293Plant Services Building (PSD)
294Political Science
295Poplar Hall (WCH4)
296Portage Bay Building (FIS)
297Portage Bay Parking Facility (WCP)
298Post Office
299Power Plant (PWR)
300President's Office
301Procurement Services
302Professional & Continuing Education
303Program on Climate Change
304Program on Environment
305Psychology, Guthrie Hall
306Public Grounds
307Purchasing and Accounting Building (PCH)
308Q Center
309Quantitative Ecology & Resource Management (QERM)
310Quantitative Science, Environment, College of (CQS), Anderson
311Quaternary Research Center
312Radford Court
313Rainier Vista
314Raitt Hall (RAI)
315Real Estate Office
316Records Management Service
318Roberts Hall (ROB)
319Robinson Center for Young Scholars
320Romance Languages and Literature
322Roosevelt Commons
323Roosevelt I
324Roosevelt II
326Sakuma Viewpoint
327Salmon Pond
328Savery Hall (SAV)
329Scandinavian Languages and Literature
330Schmitz Hall (SMZ)
331School of Aquatic & Fisheries Sciences
332School of Art Building (ART)
333School of Business
334School of Communications (CMU)
335School of Dentistry, Magnuson Health Sciences Center - Wings B & D
336School of Environmental and Forest Sciences
337School of Fisheries
338School of Law
339School of Marine Affairs
340School of Medicine
341School of Music Building (MUS)
342School of Nursing
343School of Oceanography
344School of Pharmacy
345School of Public Health
346Sieg Hall (SIG)
347Simpson (Walter Chapin) Center for the Humanities
348Slavic Languages and Literature
349Smith Hall (SMI)
350Soccer Field
351Social Work, School of (SWS), Social Work / Speech & Hearing
353South Campus Center (SCC)
354South Campus Parking Garage (SPG)
355Speech & Hearing Sciences
356Speech Communication
357Sports Medicine Clinic
358Stadium (Husky Stadium) (STD)
359Staff Services Building (SSB)
360Stevens Court (STC)
361Student Employment
362Student Financial Aid
363Student Fiscal Services
364Student Health Center
365Student Life
366Student Residence Halls
367Student Union Building (HUB)
368Studio Theatre
369Summer Quarter Office
370Supreme Cup
371Surgery Pavilion (UWSP)
372Suzzallo Espresso & Market
373Suzzallo Library (Credit Union ATM)
374Suzzallo Library (SUZ)
375Swimming Pools
376Sylvan Theater and Columns
377The h-bar, Physics/Astronomy (PAB)
378The Quad, Liberal Arts Quad
379Theodor Jacobsen Observatory (OBS)
380Think Tank, Bagley
381Thomson Hall (THO)
382Tower Cafe, UW Tower
383Triangle Parking Garage Patient (TPG)
384Undergraduate Support Programs
385University Book Store
386University District Building
387University Facilities Annexes 1 (UFA)
388University Facilities Annexes 2 (UFA)
389University Facilities Building (UFB)
390University of Washington (UW) Club (FAC)
391University of Washington Medical Center (UWMC)
392University of Washington Tower & Associated Properties
393University of Washington Tower - Building C
394University of Washington Tower - Building O
395University of Washington Tower - Building S
396University of Washington Tower - Building T
397University Police, Bryants Building
398University Transportation Center
399Urban Design and Planning, Gould
400UW Medical Center NW-079
401UW Surplus
402UW Television (UWTV)
403UW Tower Floor 0-2
404Veterans Center
405Visitors Center
406Vista Cafe
407Washington Sea Grant Program
408Waterfront Activities Center (WAC)
409Wayne Gittinger Baseball Team Building
410Wilcox Hall (WIL)
411William H. Foege Building Bioeng (BIOE)
412William H. Gates Hall (LAW)
413Wilson Ceramic Laboratory (WCL)
414Winkenwerder Forest Sciences Laboratory (WFS)
415Women Center, Cunningham Hall
416Women Studies, Cunningham Hall
417Women's Fastpitch Softball Building (WSB)
418World War II Memorial (Flag Pole)

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