Center for Women and Gender at RIT

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1A Lot (Parking)
2Academic Support Center
3Alumni House (ALM)
4Annex (ANX)
5Artesano Bakery & Cafe
6August Center (AUG)
7B Lot (Parking)
8B. Thomas Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences Dean's office
9Barnes & Noble @ RIT
10Bates Study Center
11Bausch & Lomb Center (BLC)
13Ben and Jerry's
14Brick City Cafe
15Brown Hall (BRN)
17C Lot (Parking)
18Campus Center (CPC)
19Carlton Gibson Hall (CGH)
20Center for Bioscience Education & Technology (CBT)
21Center for Campus Life
22Center for Religious Life
23Center for Residence Life
24Center for Student Innovation (CSI)
25Center for Women and Gender
26Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science (CAR)
27College of Applied Science and Technology Dean's Office
28College of Imaging Arts and Sciences Dean's office
29College of Liberal Arts Dean's Office
30College of Science Dean's Office
31Colony Manor Apartments (CMA)
32Color Science Hall (COL)
33Corner Store
34Counseling Center
35Crossroads (CRS)
36CSD Student Development Center (CSD)
38Digital Den
39Dining Services
40Disability Services
41E Lot (Parking)
42E. Philip Saunders College of Business Dean's office
43Engineering Hall (ENG)
44Engineering Technology Hall (ENT)
45Eugene Colby Hall
46Eugene Colby Hall (A) (CHA)
47Eugene Colby Hall (B) (CHB)
48Eugene Colby Hall (C) (CHC)
49Eugene Colby Hall (D) (CHD)
50Eugene Colby Hall (E) (CHE)
51Eugene Colby Hall (F) (CHF)
52Eugene Colby Hall (G) (CHG)
53Event Registration Office
54Facilities Management (FMS)
55First Year Enrichment Office
56Frances Baker Hall
57Frances Baker Hall (A) (BHA)
58Frances Baker Hall (B) (BHB)
59Frances Baker Hall (C) (BHC)
60Frank E. Gannett Hall (GAN)
61Frank Ritter Arena (RIA)
62G Lot (Parking)
63Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Center
64Gene Polisseni Arena (POL)
65George Eastman Hall (EAS)
66George H. Clark Gymnasium (CLK)
67Global Village Cantina & Grille
68Global Village Plaza (GVP)
69Global Village Postal Hub
70Global Village Print Hub
71Global Village Way C (GVC)
72Global Village Way D (GVD)
73Golisano Hall (GOL)
74Golisano Institute for Sustainability Dean's Office (SUS)
75Gordon Field House and Activities Center (GOR)
76Grace Watson Hall (GWH)
78Greek House A - Phi Kappa Tau (GHA)
79Greek House B - Delta Phi Epsilon (GHB)
80Greek House C - Alpha Epsilon Pi (GHC)
81Greek House D - Phi Kappa Psi (GHD)
82Greek House E - Alpha Xi Delta (GHE)
83Greek House F - Pi Kappa Phi (GHF)
84H Lot (Parking)
85Hale Andrews Student Life Center (HAC)
86Hearing Aid Shop
87Helen Fish Hall
88Helen Fish Hall (A)
89Helen Fish Hall (B)
90Helen Fish Hall (C)
91Helen Fish Hall (D)
92Honors Program
93Housing Main Office
94Hugh L. Carey Hall (HLC)
95Institute Advising Office
96Institute Hall (Academic, Research) (INS)
97International Student Services
98ITS ResNet
99ITS Service Desk
100J Lot (Parking)
101James E. Booth Hall (BOO)
102James E. Gleason Hall (GLE)
103K Lot (Parking)
104Kate Gleason College of Engineering Dean's office
105Kate Gleason Hall (KGH)
106L Lot (Parking)
107Laboratory for Applied Computing (LAC)
108Lewis P. Ross Hall (ROS)
109Liberal Arts Hall (LBR)
110Louise Slaughter Hall (SLA)
111Lyndon Baines Johnson Hall (LBJ)
112M Lot (Parking)
113Main Print/Postal Hub
114Mark Ellingson Hall (MEH)
115Max Lowenthal Hall (LOW)
116Midnight Oil
117Monroe Hall (MON)
118Multicultural Center for Academic Success
119N Lot (Parking)
120Nathan's Soup & Salad
121Nathaniel Rochester Hall (NRH)
122National Technical Institute for the Deaf Dean's Office
123NRH Post Office
124NTID Admissions Office
125Off Campus & Apartment Student Association
126Office of Cooperative Education and Career Services
127Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships
128Office of Graduate Enrollment Services
129Office of the Registrar
130Office of Undergraduate Admissions
131Ombuds Office
132Orange Hall (ORN)
133Perkins Green Apartments (PGA)
134Peter Peterson Hall (PTH)
135Public Safety
136R Lot (Parking)
137Racquet Club Apartments (RCA)
138Red Barn (RED)
139Residence Hall A (RHA)
140Residence Hall B (RHB)
141Residence Hall C (RHC)
142Residence Hall D (RHD)
143RIT Leadership Institute & Community Service Center
144RITZ Sports Zone
145Riverknoll Apartments (RKA)
146Rosica Hall (RSC)
147S Lot (Parking)
148Sands Family Studios (SAN)
149Schmitt Interfaith Center (SMT)
150Sebastian & Lenore Rosica Hall
151Shear Global
152Shop One2
153Sol Heumann Hall (SHH)
154Sol Heumann Study Center
155Sol's Underground
156Student Alumni Union (SAU)
157Student Employment Office
158Student Financial Services
159Student Health Center
160Student Innovation Hall (SIH)
161T Lot (Parking)
162Tech Crew
163The Cafe & Market at Crossroads
164The College Grind
165The Commons
166The Market at Global Village
167Thomas Gosnell Hall (GOS)
168TRiO Student Support Services
169U Lot (Parking)
170University Commons Suites (UCS)
171University Gallery (UNI)
172University Services Center (USC)
173Vignelli Center for Design Studies (VIG)
174Wallace Library (WAL)
175Welcome Center (WEL)
176Women In Technology

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